Status Code in PNR 
SS Segment Sell
FS Free Sale
NN Need
LL Waitlist Requested
KK Confirming
KL Confirming From Waitlist
NO No Action Taken
UN Unable to Confirm; Flight Does Not Operate
UC Unable to Confirm; Waitlist Closed
UU Unable to Confirm, Have Waitlisted
US Unable to Accept Sale; Waitlisted
HK Holding Confirmed
HN Have Requested Seat
HL Have Placed On Waitlist
RR Reconfirmed
LK Confirmed Through Direct Access Link
XL Cancel Waitlist
XR Cancellation Recommended
XX Cancel Confirmed or Requested Segments or Waitlist
HX Canceled
DL Deferred Segment; Move the Segment to PNR History
SA Space Available Listing
NR Non-Revenue Passenger Listing
ID Industry Discount Listing
IN If not Hold Need
TK Confirmed , Time is changed
TL Waitlisted , Time is changed
TN Have Requested Seat, Time is changed.
SSR Codes 
SSR Codes 
ADTK Advise if ticketed
AUTK Authorize OA to issue ticket
AVIH Animal in hold
AVML Asian vegetarin meal
BBML Infant meal
BIKE Bicycle as baggage
BLML Bland meal
BLND Blind passenger
BSCT Bassinet
BULK Bulky baggage
CBBG Cabin baggage
CHML Child meal
CKIN Airport check in (no reply)
CLID Client ldentification
COUR Courier
CRUZ Cruise passenger
DBML Diabetic meal
DEAF Deaf passenger
DEPA Deportee accompanied
DEPU Deportee unaccompanied
EXST Extra seat
FOID Form of ID for electronic tkt
FPML Fruit platter
FQTR Frequent traveler (award)
FQTS Freq. Trvlr u/g svc. Recognition
FQTU Freq. Traveler u/g w/accrual
FQTV Frequent traveler /flier
FRAG Fragile baggage
FRAV First available (sked chg)
GFML Gluten free meal
GPST Group seat request
GRPF Group fare data
GRPK Group passive notification
GRPS Group booking
HFML High fiber meal
HNML Hindu meal
KSML Kosher meal
LANG Specify language spoken
LCML Low calorie meal
LFML Low fat/low cholesterol meal
LPML Low protein meal
LSML Low sodium meal
MAAS Meet and assist
MEDA Medical case/situation
MOML Moslem meal
NAME Name change
NLML Non lactose meal
NSSA No smoking aisle seat
NSSB No smoking bulkhead seat
NSST No smoking seat
NSSW No smoking window seat
ORML Oriental meal
OTHS Other services (explanation required)
PCTC Emergency contact for passenger
PETC Pet in cabin
PRML Low purin meal (low uric acid)
PSPT Passport number
RLOC Record locator
RQST Request seat
RVML Raw vegetarian meal
SEAT Pre-reserved seat
SEMN Ships crew (seamen)
SFML Seafood meal
SLPR Bed in cabin
SMSA Smoking aisle seat
SMSB Smoking bulkhead seat
SMST Smoking seat
SMSW Smoking window seat
SPEQ Sports equipment
SPML Special meal
STCR Stretcher passenger
TKNA Ticket Number Electronic Ticketing
TKNC Automatically generated TCNs
TKNE Ticket Number Electronic Ticketing
TKNM Ticketing Manual
TKTL Ticket time limit
TWOV Transit without Visa
UMNR Unaccompanied minor
VGML Vegetarian meal
VLML Vegetarian meal (lacto-ovo)
WCBD Dry cell battery wheelchair
WCBW Wet cell battery wheelchair
WCHC Wheelchair/cabin
WCHR wheelchair/ramp
WCHS wheelchair/steps
WCMP Manual power wheelchair
WCOB on-board wheelchair
XBAG Excess baggage
Hotel Room Codes
DBLB Double room with bath
SUIT Double room with bath and sitting room
TWNB Double room with bath , twin beds
DBLS Double room with shower
DBLN Double room without Bath / shower
TWNS Double room without shower , twin beds
SGLB Single room with bath
SGLS Single room with shower only
SGLS Single room without Bath / shower
TRPB Triple room with bath
QADB Quadruple room (4 persons) with bath
QINB Quintuple room (5 persons) with bath
FHTL First Class Hotel
LHTL Luxury Class Hotel
MAXR Maximum (Superior)  room rate desired
MODR Moderate (Medium) room rate desired
SHTL Second Class Hotel
THTL Tourist (third) Class Hotel
Codes Commonly used in RMK and OSI
ACK Acknowledge
ADC Additional collection
ASC Advice of schedule change
ADV Advise.(ed),(ing)
ADAC Advise acceptance
ADAR Advise arrival
ADSP Advise disposition of space
ADB Advise if duplicate booking
ADNO Advise if not okay (correct)
ADTK Advise if ticketed
ADVN Advise names
ADOA Advise on arrival
ADVR Advise rate
AGT Travel Agent
ALTN Alternative
ARNK Arrival unknown
ARR Arrive (ed),(ing),arrival
ASAP As soon as possible
AUTH Authority, authorize ,authorization
BRDD Boarded
BRDG Boarding
CHG Change
CHNT Change name to
CHD Child
CHTR Charter
CFY Clarify-your message not understood
COMM Commission rate
COND Conditional
CONX Connect ,connecting ,connection ,connected
CTC Contact , (ed) , (ing)
CTCA Address (home or hotel)
CTCB Business phone
CTCH Home phone
CTCT Travel Agent phone
CTCP Phone nature not known
DEP Depart (s),(ed),(ure)
DIPL Diplomatic courier
DAPO Do all possible
EFF Effective
EMIG emigrant
EQR Endorsement request
EQFP Equivalent fare paid
ETA Estimated time of arraivel
ETD Estimated time of departure
XTN Extension (ed),(ing)
FCU Fare construction unit
FRAV First available
FLT Flight
ROE IATA Rate Of Exchange
IFUN If unable
INDA Inadmissible Passenger
INF Infant
INTL International
IRC International route charge
STPC Layover at airlines cost
LEGL Left leg cast used wih SSR MEDA
LEGR Right leg in cast used with SSR MEDA
LEGB Both legs in casts used with SSR MEDA
MATS Military air transport service (USA,CL)
MCO Miscellaneous charge order
MSCN Misconnect (ed),(ion)
NTBA Name to be advised
NOCN No connection
NOOP No operate(ion)
NOSH No show
NOTR No traffic rights
NRCF Not reconfirmed by passenger
NBR Number
NUC Neutral unit of construction
OW One way
ORIG Origin (al) ,(ate) ,(ated) ,(ation) ,(ating)
OXYG Oxygen needed during flight used with SSR MEDID
PSGR Passenger
PNR Passenger name record
PWCT Passenger will contact
PTA Prepaid ticket advise
PROT Protecting reservation
RLOC Record Locator
REML Reference my letter ,(memo.,etc.)
REMT Reference my telegram,cable,wire
REYL Reference letter ,(memo.,etc.
REYT Reference your telegram ,cable ,wire
RFD Refund ,full
RLSE Release (d) ,(ing)
RPT Repeat (ed) (ing)
RDB Reply to doplicate booking inquiry
REQ Request
REQD Request if desired
RES Reservations
RT Round trip
SKED Schedule (ed) ,(ing)
STVR Stopover
X Telephon extention
TCP The complete Party is (TCP10)
THRU Through
TKNO Ticket number
TKT TOTL Ticket total
TKTD Ticketed
TOTL Total
TFC Traffic
UM08 Unaccompanied minor(follow by age)
VIP Very important passenger
 Action Codes
XX Cancel confirmed/requested segment or auxiliary service
OX Cancel only if the requested segment or auxiliary service is available
XL Cancel listing (waiting list)
XR Always indicate reason as an OSI Element
LK Computer System generated Action/Advice Code
IX If holding cancel
IN If not holding, Need
IS If not holding, Sell
LL List (add to waiting List)
LL List space available ID passenger
NN Need, Reply required indicating action taken
NA alternative segment immediately following
SS Sold
FS With the other airline
SQ Space requested, Reply only if available
 Advice Codes
KK Confirming
KL Confirming from waitlist
NO may be stated in a SSR Element
UU Unable – Have waitlisted
UN Unable flight dose not operate or spechial service not provided
UC segment closed – have not waitlisted
US segment closed – have waitlisted
 Status Codes
HX Canceled
LK as a result of previous access between computer systems
HL Have listed (on waiting list)
HN Have requested
HK Holds comfirmed
RR Reconfirmed
HS Sold
HQ (Between ATA Members and/or bilateral use only)
OL considered for automatic waitlist confirmation.
ON forces a NN message to be generated.
Schedule Change Codes
Car Type Codes
CONV Convertible
CCAR Compact car
CWGN Compact stationwagon
ECAR Economy car (Automatic)
EMAN Economy car (Manual)
EWGN Economy stationwagon
FDOR Four-door
ICAR Intermediate car
IWGN Intermediate stationwagon
LCAR Luxury car
LWGN Luxury stationwagon
SCAR Standard/Full size car
SPCL Special car (details to follow)
SWGN Standard/Full size stationwagon
TDOR Two-door
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